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How to Read Your Water Meter

Information below is provided on how to check for leaks in the home and determine your current water usage.


Check for leaks:

Use the low flow indicator on the meter to check for leaks. This is the small red triangle, which if moving indicates that there is a flow going through the meter. If the red triangle is moving- and there is no water currently being used in the house- then a leak is evident (slight movement of the red triangle back and forth is normal and does not indicate a leak).


Below: Example of a water meter dial where the meter reading is located. Note the small red triangle used for leak detection.

Water Meter

Water Usage Determination: Water is billed in gallon increments. To determine what your water consumption has been since your last bill:
  1. Obtain a reading from your water meter.
  2. Locate the Current Meter Reading on your last bill.
  3. Subtract the Current Meter Reading from the reading obtained from your water meter.